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Weight Throw

Weight Throw consist of a family of heavy weight throwing events, in which the objective is to either throw the weight as far as possible or as high as possible.  Weight throw events are a part of the track and field events and the Highland Games.

There are two major classifications of weight throw events, which are:

Weight throw for distance : Competitions are conducted both indoors and outdoors.  Indoor weight throw competitions are conducted as part of track and field events mostly in North America.   Men use 35lb weight and women use 20lb.  The outdoor version is mostly a part of the highland games. Both men and women compete at two different weight classes, light weight (28lb for men and 14lb for women) and heavy weight (56lb for men and 28lb for women).  Regardless of indoor or outdoor, all throws have to be single handed, and the athlete to throw the farthest is the winner.

Weight throw for height : Weights used are 56lb for men and 28lb for women. Events are conducted in a format similar to high jump, where a bar is set at a certain height and athletes get three attempts to clear the height to move to the next height level.  All throws have to be single handed.  Winners are decided based on the maximum height thrown with the fewest number of misses.

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